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Updated: 27 December 2013

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    Response to:
    General Manager Legal
    Downer Edi

    I am responding to your letter that I posted on my Toxic Management website (dated 13 January 2012).

    I have not updated or responded to my website for over a year as I have been enjoying getting on with my life since the conclusion of my workers compensation claim.  However, I will now respond to a number of points that you have raised in your letter that are in fact incorrect.

    However, before I respond, I would like to bring attention to your comment that, "in the context of proceedings you have previously brought against Downer, which have now concluded" is a nice attempt to divert the reader away from the fact that I had a valid workers compensation claim for which the insurer (Allianz) accepted Full Liability after conducting a full and proper investigation.

    So, let's be clear that the, "proceedings" were in fact a work place injury resulting from the bullying, harassment and intimidation (for years) by my direct supervisor (A Senior Department Manager) and the company harassment contact officer.

    I agree that I have been provided "numerous invitations" to share my story, and I have taken each opportunity to do just that.  Your claim that I have consistently rejected Downer's invitations to engage in any meaningful dialogue or to "substantiate" my "allegations" is absolutely ridiculous.

    When I spoke to my Department Manager's supervisor in January of 2010 (the WA Divisional Manager), I provided to him, and the HR officer, a copy of my:

    • Harassment Diary of the treatment that I suffered from my Department Manager.  Complete with details of dates, times, locations, what happened, what was said, and how I dealt with it, including my complaints to him about the harassment contact officer for which nothing was done.
    • Harassment Diary of the treatment that I suffered from the harassment contact officer. Complete with details of dates, times, locations, what happened, what was said, and how I dealt with it.
    • other emails and documents that supported my claims.

    You will note in my email to my Allianz case manager, that the Harassment Contact Officer was provided a copy of my harassment journal that related to him.  The Divisional Manager (in the presence of the HR Officer) stated to me that he admitted it, and was subsequently provided with a first and final written warning and immediately removed from his position as Harassment Contact Officer.

    In fact, my "Email to Allianz Case Manager (29/4/2010)" clearly demonstrates that Downer personnel from the Canning Vale office did not transmit my emails, diaries and other documents to Allianz Insurance for consideration in the initial assessment of my claim.  These documents were attached to my claim form.  You can clearly see that this email was addressed to my Case Manager at Allianz, and the HR officer at Downer.  Maybe you can ask the HR officer why you have not been shown these documents.  Your letter clearly suggests to me that that you have not seen them either.  If you had seen them, you would not be making these statements.  If you wait until I print my book, you can read the full horror of my experiences for yourself.

    I also provided these same documents to Allianz's insurance investigator during my interview with him.

    In June of 2010 I was invited to meet with the Executive General Manager of HR (EGM-HR) from Downer's National Office at the Burswood Casino Conference Centre (Perth) to discuss my complaints.  That meeting occurred, with my brother present (he took minutes).  At the meeting, I again provided a full copy of all my documents, and had an open discussion about my experiences.

    Following this meeting I forwarded (Email (A) to Executive General Manager HR (17/6/2010), in which I expressed my surprise that there was no Workers' Compensation file for me at the Canning Vale office.  In fact, I recall the comment to me in front of my brother that a copy of my claim form was provided to the EGM-HR with no other supporting documents.  So where did my documented evidence go, I wonder?  Maybe you can ask them.

    Also, at the request of the EGM-HR, I forwarded the attached email (Email (B) to Executive General Manager HR (17/6/2010) that I had previously transmitted to my Case manager at Allianz.  I forwarded many more emails to support my story, maybe you can ask down the line for them.

    I can clearly demonstrate (with documentation) that I have taken every opportunity to communicate with Downer over the treatment that I suffered. I have communicated my story numerous times, to numerous people.

    Your claim that I have not engaged with Downer, nor provided evidence to support my allegations, is absolutely wrong, and does not reflect the document history that I have demonstrated.

    My website does not contain "false" allegations, and I can demonstrate clearly that I have been able to substantiate my allegations with documentation.

    I now challenge you, Downer, to provide documentation that I have provided "false" allegations.  Can you support your erroneous claims?

    Additionally, your assertion that my "actions are malicious and motivated by desire to cause damage to Downer (and Downer's Personnel) reputations" is completely fanciful and again, totally ridiculous.

    Any fallout that causes damage to Downer's reputation or your personnel is clearly the result of the actions of the two who behaved so disgustingly towards me.  I haven't done this, they did.

    The truth is my defense.

    I can confirm that I:

    • will not remove my website
    • will not provide an undertaking that I will not distribute information on my website
    • I will publish my book.

    Your letter is nothing more than a bullying "shut your mouth" threatening letter.  I would expect nothing more from a legal department.

    I have recently decided that I will be going forward with publishing a book, and I will be printing my entire harassment diaries, journals, emails, and full documentation within it.  People are smart enough to make up their own minds and form their own judgments about what they think the truth is.

    One more thing. In my Workers' Compensation settlement I was never asked to sign any type of confidentiality agreement when settling my injury claim, and as such I am free to publish everything.

    If you would like another copy of my "missing" supporting documentation, please feel free to buy a copy of my book.

    It's unfortunate that these facts embarrass Downer even further. I suggest that you consider ironing out any inaccuracies prior to further communication.

    Email (A) to Executive General Manager HR (17/6/2010)

    Email (B) to Executive General Manager HR (17/6/2010)

    Email to Allianz Case Manager (29/4/2010)

    Updated: 13 January 2012

    Letter from Downer This document is a letter sent to me from Downer's General Manager Legal in response to my Toxic Management books and website.


    Updated: 6 January 2012

    I was bullied, intimidated and harassed by Downer
    managers, to the point where I was suicidal.

    My name is Adam Couper.

    I experienced ongoing and horrific bullying, intimidation and harassment while I worked for Downer EDi Engineering (now known as Downer) as a Systems (Health, Safety, Environment and Quality) Officer between 2006 and 2010.

    Downer's head office is located at 9 Modal Crescent in Canning Vale Western Australia.

    The perpetrators of these ongoing experiences were my department manager and the company harassment contact officer. Yes, you heard me correctly, that's the person that you go to when you're being harassed.

    My disclosure will be in two tell-all books that will detail all the issues. The first book details my horrific experiences of bullying, intimidation and harassment, and the second will take you through the Workers' Compensation process to completion.

    As the reader you will be shocked that people could behave this way in a large organization in the 21st century. My life for a long time was a living HELL. Now I am trying to get my life back on track.

    My experiences were so bad I almost committed suicide several times. I am not the only person in WA who suffered at the hands of these two people.

    In another case (not related to mine but with Downer in Victoria), a 16 year old apprentice who suffered bullying and harassment did commit suicide. The boy was set on fire and threatened with rape.


    Please read Alec Meikle's story.

    I would like to sincerely thank all the people who have emailed me and offered their support - especially those within Downer.

    My first book I will look at publishing around March 2012, and will focus on my case from the beginning until my claim was accepted.

    My second book will focus on my Workers' Compensation journey from claim acceptance until claim conclusion (and everything in between). I anticipate publication in late 2012. To support this, I will be scanning and including all my supporting documentation in my second book.

    I am getting better within myself, but feel strongly about my experiences and want to do as much as I can to prevent this from happening to anyone else. As such, I will be taking the following additional actions:

    • The first 200 copies of my book will be sent directly to the Managing Directors & CEOs of the TOP 200 companies in Australia.

    • I will be sending copies to all government departments and local councils within WA to begin with, followed by the rest of Australia.

    • I will be writing to various universities, unions, employee & business representative organisations and offer to come and talk about my experience in the hope that people may learn from Downer's mistakes. Downer, will also be offered the opportunity for me to come and share my experiences.

    • After printing my book, I will be picketing the Next Shareholders meeting and handing out free copies of the book. Ask yourself if this is the company that you want to support, when they have treated employees so poorly in the past.

    • I will be writing to all universities and training organisations within Australia who offer courses in insurance and any type of case management programs, Workers' Compensation, injury management, Safety & OHS, etc. I will be sending copies of my books to the course coordinators, and will also offer to come and talk to future students and case managers about my experiences for free.

    • I have been asked to present my case to the 2012 National OHS Conference in PERTH WA in August 2012. I have attached a copy of my submission.

    • This is just the beginning of my actions...

    I have attached two of my Workers' Compensation documents for your immediate review. They are:

    Form 3A This document was written by Allianz when they accepted my Workers Compensation claim. Yes that's right. After fully investigating my claim and interviewing the two perpetrators the insurer accepted my claim. The perpetrators kept their jobs
    Form 15C This document was written by Allianz's lawyers - SRB Legal. SRB Legal are insurance lawyers. The highlighted yellow sections tell you all you need to know. These forms spell out in black and white that I was a victim of harassment, bullying and intimidation by my department manager and the harassment officer.

    SRB Legal have threatened to take legal action against me if I say anything liable. Well, I won't be saying anything that I cannot support with documented evidence. As for the reader, I simply ask you to form your own opinion about the actions and behavior of Downer management.

    Maybe Downer can explain to me and the general public why they allowed this to happen even when I brought this despicable and distressing behavior to the attention of higher management repeatedly.

    Downer had/ and has an obligation to provide a safe workplace for me (emotionally and physically) and also for others. I BELIEVE YOU HAVE FAILED.